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Allfish Emporium

Allfish Emporium is the largest aquarium retail store in North America. We offer the widest selection of aquariums and aquarium supplies, as well as a broad variety of live fish and corals - all at warehouse pricing. Allfish Emporium provides one-stop shopping and expert customer service for every type of aquarium hobbyist, from the beginner to the advanced aquarist.

Allfish Emporium's enormous 18,000 sq. ft. retail facility is outfitted with more than 45,000 gallons of aquarium displays. We offer many of the hard-to-find specialty items you need for your aquarium and are always happy to accommodate special requests. We know the value of good customers and want to see you often!

Read about our exclusive, state-of-the-art Quarantine facility

Allfish Emporium aquarium specialists are trained to offer helpful advice on our huge selection of aquarium systems and products. Our technical service staff provides expert guidance on caring for our saltwater fish, freshwater fish, cichlids, live corals, live plants, and reptiles. Allfish Emporium also has the best price guarantee in the aquatic industry.


Allfish Emporium
6820 N. University Dr.
Tamarac, FL 33321

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Contact Us:
954-722-FISH (3474)

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Join us every Tuesday and Saturday
for Shark Feeding Frenzy!



What makes Allfish Emporium different from every other fish store?

  • Entire superstore dedicated to aquariums and live fish.
  • Over 370 fully-stocked aquariums, teeming with tropical & marine fish, live plants, corals, and invertebrates.
  • All varieties of aquarium sizes and stands, to fit any budget.
  • Reverse Osmosis water refill station
  • Specialized Hi-Tech department, offering the latest in aquatic care technology.
  • Expert and friendly staff that will exceed your customer service expectations.
  • Giant 5,000-gallon cylinder tank, loaded with meat-eating sharks and eels.
  • Two beautiful 3,000-gallon show aquariums, brimming with large, colorful fish.
  • A gigantic 14-foot waterfall that empties into an active Koi pond.
  • Dramatic SHARK FEEDINGS every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 3 p.m.
  • An unforgettable experience that the whole family will enjoy!


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