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Halloween 2016 Pet Safety
Halloween 2016 Pet Safety

Halloween 2016 Pet Safety

Oct 26 2016/Tina White/How to keep your pet safe this Halloween

Halloween can be the spookiest night of the year, but keeping your pets safe doesn’t have to be tricky. While this holiday is fun for humans, it can be scary, even dangerous, for our pets. To ensure your fluffy, furry, scaly and feathered pals stay safe this Halloween, follow these simple precautions to help everyone have a howling good time.


1. Spooky Sights & Sounds
Some pets may be extremely sensitive, frightened, even protective by the constant ringing of the doorbell and unrecognizable guests in costume. Greet trick or treaters outside or disconnect your doorbell if you leave them at home.

2. Vamping the Home
Holiday decorations can be dangerous to your pet. Keep jack-o-lanterns with lit candles away from pets. They can easily start a fire if they accidentally knock it over. Watch-out for wires, cords and battery operated decorations. If chewed on these objects could shock or hurt their teeth and mouth.

3. Tricky Treats
Keep all candy, including the wrappers, away from and out of reach from your pet. If ingested they could lead to numerous gastrointestinal problems, especially if a large quantity gets eaten. Beware of fall plants like pumpkin and corn as well. These are relatively nontoxic but can cause gastrointestinal upset and blockage in large quantities.

4. Don’t Dress to Impress
When it comes to pet costumes, simple costumes are best. They should not restrict their movement, inhibit their vision, hearing or breathing. Make sure any garment you put on your pet is free from small parts that they could chew or choke on. There should also be no seems studded material, zippers or other decorations that could injure their skin.

5. Shine Bright
If you take your pet Trick or Treating use a safety vest, reflective or glow leash and collar. You may also attach glow in the dark or LED gear to their costume, just make sure they can not chew on it. Most glow in the dark items are non toxic but may cause intestinal blockage if eaten.

6. No Tricks
Pets, especially black cats, may be subject to juvenile pranks if left outside on Halloween. Keep them inside few days before and after Halloween to keep them safe or with you on a leash if out and about.

7. Getting Lost
Next to July 4th Halloween is the most common holiday for pets to get lost or hurt. Never leave pets unattended near an open door. But if they do get out, you want to make sure they are wearing their collar, their tags are up-to-date and are micro chipped so that they can be returned if they get lose.

8. Safe Zone
Keep your pets away from the front door and and ringing doorbells during trick or treat hours. If they are nervous about all the commotion, consider keeping them in a crate, behind a gate or in a closed room with a cozy bed and a favorite toy. Catnip or a new chew toy, soft music and low lighting may also help keep them calm during the trick or treat hours.

9. Scaredy Cat
If your dog suffers from intense anxiety at Halloween, talk to your vet about medications that may help keep them calm for the night.

10. Don't Forget Pets Like Treats Too!
Don’t forget your four-legged trick or treaters. You can make them happy by handing out healthy pet friendly treats.


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"While this holiday is fun for humans, it can be scary, even dangerous, for our pets."